Our Mission

The mission of Holiday Heroes is to provide joy and improved quality of life to pediatric patients through a combination of in-person and virtual programs. Holiday Heroes uses its experience, creativity, resources, and passion to inspire long-lasting joy and happy memories for pediatric patients and their families, thereby making a positive impact in their recoveries and their lives.


Our Vision

Holiday Heroes’ vision is to provide a resource for children and adolescents with the potential to help mitigate the anxiety and distress that patients and families experience in coping with their illnesses. We feel strongly that laughter, happiness, and a little fun are essential for pediatric patients with an illness. We are dedicated to helping integrate these important needs into the healing process.

Core Values

Mission Driven

Our mission is paramount and guides everything we do as an organization.


We are dedicated to objectively measuring our impact through the use of appropriate feedback tools providing the necessary data to drive a productive and interactive process aimed at constantly improving our decisions.


We are founded with the community in mind. We strive to build purposeful relationships that will increase our impact, expand our outreach, and better serve pediatric patients and their families in our communities.


We demonstrate grace, empathy, and kindness in the work that we do and the programs we provide. No matter where you’re from, your background, or your views. These qualities are integral to our mission and our identity as an organization.


We hold ourselves accountable for the quality and lasting results of our work and for the commitments we make to our care facilities, medical staff, patients, and their families.