Advocate Oak Lawn St. Patrick’s Day Party Recap

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We had a great St Patrick’s Day celebration at Oak Lawn on the 12th.   We had about 5-6 kids come to our activity room to visit our 6 foot tall blow up Leprechaun!  We used a fork and orange paint to make the hair for a Leprechaun and construction paper to make a chain rainbow with a pot of gold.  We even had few repeat customers.  Lindsey from the Making Musicians came to share her musical talents with our kiddos.  They sang songs and had a great time. 

Regan, the child-life specialist, was so fun to work with.  We enjoyed going around to visit all the kids we could in their rooms with her, Jamie and Cindy.  We were able to visit one friend who was up and play strong with his cars.  We gave him a choice of a toy or a Guiness Book of World Records but and he jumped at the book.  Hopefully that will keep him busy!  He wasso happy despite the hardships he was going through.

Thank you to Kendal and Jill for volunteering.  They both were great with the parents and children.  They took initiative and made the party great!

Thank you to Lindsay for joining our superhero team! This was her first party with us and she rocked it! 

Thank you to the Grant Thornton for sponsoring and packing the craft kit boxes for the party!

We are still looking for a Lead Hero volunteer for Advocate Oak Lawn. If you are interested in learning more click here!

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