What Is It?

The “I Am Brave and Unafraid” Book Project is a way to create a new generation of brave and confident children while simultaneously increasing literacy to children of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds and help non-profit organizations push their missions forward. “I Am Brave and Unafraid” has partnered with NPO Holiday Heroes to reach their mutual long-term goal of giving away 1.5M books to the hospitalized children Holiday Heroes serves as well as to children nationwide. Phase 1 of the project launches June 29, 2019 with a goal to raise the first $100,000 and print the first 10,000 books. Money raised from The “I Am Brave and Unafraid” Book Project directly funds Holiday Heroes growth from 16 hospitals to over 100 hospitals nationwide. By becoming a sponsor of The “I Am Brave and Unafraid” Book Project you are creating smiles, literacy and brave children across the nation! 

Why Is The Book Project So Important?

The world is full of fears. Some real, some created. There are 541 currently known phobias. Being a child in a hospital is a very scary thing. Being a parent of a child in a hospital is sometimes even scarier.  Since the book was published in March 2018 many children have already been helped to confront, cope with and overcome fears and it is our deep hope that the book , “I Am Brave and Unafraid” will help both the parents and the children that Holiday Heroes serves to confront, cope with, and perhaps even overcome the fears that accompany the hospitalization.   Additionally, with the request that Holiday Heroes has received to expand to more hospitals, there is a strong current need to fundraise in order to make this expansion possible.  The Book Project not only provides the books to the hospitalized children, it also provides funding to grow their programing and books to fill the “I Am Brave and Unafraid” bookcases.

How Does It Work?

Holiday Heroes and I Am Brave and Unafraid created what they have coined a “Pay It Forward Bookcase”. Each bookcase takes up 1 square foot of floor space and stands about 5 feet tall. There are 3 shelves which hold 24 books each for a total of 72 books per bookcase. It is decorated in pages of the children’s book, “I Am Brave and Unafraid”.

I Am Brave and Unafraid and Holiday Heroes are currently looking for 100 location partners. 90 of these locations will be sponsored by the hosting location, and 10 will be totally FREE to the hosting location and made available as soon as we have found a sponsor for that bookcase. We are looking for places such as pediatrician offices, pediatric dentistry offices, orphanages, restaurants, libraries, and more.

Upon opening a book you will be greeted by The Boy and Marshmallow, the two main characters of the story. As you turn a page you will read, “Dear Recipient, I am so excited you have taken me off the shelf to read me.  I am a FREE book for you, made possible by donors like yourself! For every $18 you donate you can give a book to a hospitalized child! You can also replace the book you have in your hand AND help fund a Holiday Heroes party! Please go to Holiday-Heroes.org/brave-and-unafraid to make a donation.”

As you turn that page you will see a list of all the donors that made the first 10,000 book print run possible because Holiday Heroes and I Am Brave And Unafraid reached their first fundraising goal of $100,000!  Those who sponsor $10,000 or more will receive special recognition along with their logo in the book to help them with their personal brand recognition.

I Am Brave and Unafraid and Holiday Heroes are currently looking for sponsorships!