Lurie Children’s St. Patrick’s Day Party Recap

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Last week, we had a blast celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with the patients and their families at Lurie Children’s Hospital! There were 13 patients that visited the Family Life Center for the party. Our craft kit boxes were full of fairy and leprechaun crafts, and made for lots of creative fun! 

The kids were surprised and overjoyed when they saw that both Captain America and Spider-Man joined the party! It was wonderful to see so many of them getting a chance to just be kids playing games and crafting right along side their favorite characters.

Nicole, Jake, and the entire child life team were very helpful and fantastic to work with, making this party a great success! They truly are everyday superheroes and have an immeasurable impact on the children’s lives.

Thank you to Ray and Matt for being super volunteers! You both bring joy and excitement to all of the children. 

Thank you to the American Hospital Association for sponsoring and packing the craft kit boxes for the party!

We are in need of a Lead Hero volunteer! If you are interested in learning more about the Lead Hero volunteer position, click here.

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