NFL Alumni Association + The Holiday Heroes

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The summer La Rabida Superhero Party brought together lots of caped crusaders who donned their masks and made it an afternoon of fun for the kids, big and small. Besides the parents who could definitely use a dose of escape and relief from the medical challenges they face, two former NFL players were found helping decorate costumes and grabbing some disguises to get into the playing action.

“As a football player, it goes against the prototype [to play act] so to just be able to have fun and let loose like a kid again let me tap my inner child,” said Corey Mays. “It was great to help the kids bring their ideas to fruition,” he added. “I felt like I was the HGTV Host for kids pretending!”

Also representing the NFL Alumni Association at this event was Dez Clark, who acknowledged that “oftentimes, we forget that people – young ones and parents alike – have struggles during trying times and to even be able to bring a smile to their faces, you feel like you’re doing some good.”

Clark continued, “Many people may not know that people going through struggles like this can benefit from programs like a Superhero Party. The Holiday Heroes program fills that gap that’s so needed.”

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