The DIY Playbook & Holiday Heroes Team Up for a “Dreamy” Hospital Party!

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Our recent hospital party at Advocate Children’s in Park Ridge was unlike any we have ever had thanks to two very special guests!

For this months celebration, we wanted to partner with other Chicago crafters who are passionate about giving back and sharing their talents with others. So, when it came to choosing our guest DIY crafters to join our party, we had no reason to look any further then the best-friend duo and renowned do-it-yourself experts Casey Finn and Bridget Matkovich, creators of The DIY Playbook!

Dreamcatchers: Presented by The DIYPlaybook

The DIY Playbook is a one stop shop for all things DIY! From home decor to weddings, Casey and Bridget show us how to transform inspired ideas into beautiful and polished pieces – all without breaking the bank!

Having the opportunity to partner with such a creative and focused team took our day to a whole new level of fun! Their presentation was flawless, thoughtful and sparked the imagination of children from 3 years old to parents alike!

Stephanie: “What inspired you to team up with Holiday Heroes at one of our hospital parties? “

The DIY Playbook: “When we first heard about Holiday Heroes, we were immediately impressed by the concept. What a wonderful idea to make a child’s stay in the hospital a little brighter. As cofounders of the home decor & DIY blog, The DIY Playbook, crafting is a part of each and every day for us. We find so much joy in creating and understand how it can instantly make anyone’s day a little brighter.”

Stephanie: “How did you come up with the dreamcatcher activity?”

The DIY Playbook: “We knew we wanted to craft something that the families could incorporate into the child’s room to serve as inspiration for the kids during their stay. We loved the dreamcatcher concept as a way to give the kids sweet dreams while they’re away from home. The craft was also appropriate for all ages, and we even found that many of the moms enjoyed creating dreamcatchers too!”

And this was our favorite part of the craft, as well!  Parents with babies in the NIC/Q displayed their craft from the incubators, children with portable IVs tied theirs to the top of the machines and while the rest of the pediatric patients hung theirs next to the bed. One little boy told us that he was having bad dreams and was actually excited to take a nap now that he had a dreamcatcher with him!

Stephanie: “What was the most impactful part of your Holiday Heroes Hospital experience?”

The DIY Playbook: “I think we loved chatting with the kids and their families the most. To see how excited they were to get out of their rooms and come socialize was amazing. We loved chatting with a few of the moms, and many said it was nice to do something different and just chat with other adults. For a couple hours, they were able to take their minds off of the stress and instead they could find some joy during the party.”

BIG thank you to The DIY Playbook for the time they took to prepare, share and create a one-of-a-kind party!

For the full dreamcatcher tutorial and the best tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful space that matches the lifestyle you love, visit and be sure to follow this rockstar team on Facebook!

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